Drasnice Apartments

Mountain Biokovo

The mountain range of Biokovo stretches along the whole Makarskan coastland. Thanks to its flora and fauna it was declared a national park in 1981. You can always, no matter which season it is, go up the mountain to its top St. Jure (St. George), the second highest mountain peak in Croatia (1762m), and enjoy the sight around you. From the top you can see not only the Dalmatian hinterland but also some parts of the neighbouring Bosnia and Hercegovina.

But, that’s not all!!! After the north-eastern wind “bora” has “cleaned” the air, looking to the south, you can see the remote Adriatic islands and even Italy!!! While having your feet in one country your eyes can enjoy the vistas of three different countries!

Let this small gallery of pictures be your prompt for your forthcoming arrival in Drašnice and your seeing of its sights.