Drasnice Apartments

Drašnice through seasons


Fresh air, mild climate, mild sunshine, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, luxuriant vegetation, scents of flowers,… these are only some of the advantages of spring, the season especially advisable for older people searching for peace and relaxation, far from the urban crush.

Sage is widely known as a medicinal herb. In spring, its flowers are used for making strong syrup and in autumn its leaves are collected and dried to be used either for making syrup or herb tea.

Heather is another medicinal herb growing here. Its leaves are collected in autumn and they are also used as herb tea.

Mountaineers! Romantics and all of you who are in love! What are you waiting for?


The Mediterranean summer itself is a season, which doesn’t need advocates so no comments are necessary. We just want to attract your attention to the pictures representing the beaches in and around Drašnice.

Very often you will be able to see charming dolphins, what particularly makes children happy.

Last year we had an unusual quest in the vicinity – a whale! It was a female whale with the young.

The truth is that they lost their way, but it’s also true that they used to come to the cove called Klokun, the place where the underground subbiokovian cold water enters the sea, and the fact is that whales like clean sea waters.

Come and relax on solitary beaches.


While on one hand summer passions cool down and transform into nostalgic memories, an the other hand you feel a need for peaceful moments and introspection, leaving city centres and going out of doors is the right solution.

In only ten minutes walk, you find a new dimension of reality: let these pictures be your guide to the scenery that you can be familiar with if you go for an autumn walk to the neighbouring parts of the country surrounding Drašnice.

Have you ever enjoyed a vintage? Have you ever picked olives? “The golden oil” is one of the names for the precious olive-oil. Experience picking olives! Join pleasure and use and spend your holiday in the late autumn.

Here you can find much-exploited motifs of still life, like the dog-rose. You yourself try to discover why many great artists of still life were attracted by dog-rose.

But that’s not all! Everybody knows that the sea cools down slower than the air. So in the autumn months it has higher temperature than we would expect taking into consideration the temperature of the air. It’s not unusual to see people sunbathing until the beginning of December. Only one strong northern wind ( the bora) can stop this tradition!

If you are freeing autumn, if you are a romantic and an adventurous soul, either mid or young, do come and visit us in autumn, it’s highly recommended!

In autumn the whale nature prepares for the winter rest, but in spite of this fact we invite you to come and enjoy the difference in the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


Generally seen, there isn’t much difference between autumn and winter. While experiencing heavy showers in late autumn, you will meet beautiful sunny days followed by higher temperatures in winter. The average winter temperatures vary between 9 and 14 °C. Very often, the temperatures can be well over the average, so you can go for a walk just in one’s shirt-sleeves.

Sunrises and sunsets have special charm in winter, especially the latter, because of the reflexion of the last sun rays an the mountain of Biokovo, what you can see on the photographs added in the picture gallery.

The Mediterranean is a God-given area, especially its parts surrounded by a mountain range (massif), as we have it here. In only forty minutes you can experience two totally different climates, namely, that’s the time you need to reach the first snowdrifts.

See at first hand the winter atmosphere in the area not further than half an hour drive from the coast – look at the pictures in our winter gallery!

If you are a professional or an amateur mountain climber, the walk up the mountain will really be the best choice for you. While hiking you will always be accompanied by the mild Mediterranean climate.

People usually like spending winter in the areas abounding with snow: we offer you both – the sea and the snow!