Drasnice Apartments

Seaside House 6+2


  • Balcony
  • Sat TV
  • WiFi
  • Parking
  • Sea view
  • Nerbay beach
  • Air conditioner

Our seaside house is in fact an apartment type house where six to eight people can be accommodated in four bedrooms. There are two bedrooms on each floor. The rooms on the upper floor have their private bathroom and both have access to the balcony.

The rooms on the first floor have a common bathroom and only the large room on the east side has access to the balcony.

But, you shouldn’t worry about this because two close families, one being upstairs and the other downstairs, usually take such a house so that every single person has access to the balcony. The larger room on the first floor may also serve as a living room because there’s a TV there. In the ground floor there is quite a big kitchen, dining room, a bathroom and a larder. The house has preserved its authentic interior from the 1960´ beginning from the wall paint and proceeding to the smaller or bigger pieces of furniture. Just because we now live in an era which rejects cultural values of previous periods, we decided to preserve the atmosphere at the “golden Mediterranean years”, and enable you to relax and forget the pursuit of modern technological and informational way of living, enabling you to enjoy in remind of the Dalmatian chansons from the sixties. In order to enable you the contact with events in the world we provided a TV with a satellite dish.

For the introspective, romantic and rather melancholic ones, and for those who like nature, the stay in this house will be the best choice – it’s only 100 feet from the anchorage spot from which there is an unforgettable view of seeing off one more day with the passionate sounds of waves followed by a gentle breeze coming from the open sea. Directly in front of you there is a constant performance played by nature exchanging day for night and vice versa, and the sunset scenery offers a magnificent shimmering of all colors an the water surface.