Drasnice Apartments

Apartment 2


  • Nerbay beach
  • Air conditioner
  • Sat TV
  • Parking
  • Balcony

A two bed-sitter with a private bath and kitchen. The bed-sitter has a balcony with a view to the mountain of Biokovo.

In spite of the fact that the house is situated about 50 m from the shore and from the center of the village, the house surrounded by pine trees conveys a peaceful atmosphere. The green belt stretching to the west, offering you birds warble every morning and evening, and the grayish blue massif of Mount Biokovo from the north present nowadays the atypical country elements and can be looked upon as an oasis in the world impoverished by modern trends like concrete thickets and an utmost negligence of nature.

Although you are only 50 meters away from the center of the tourist fever, the moments that you want to spend far away from the milling crowds will be really relaxing for you and you will see that this house is the right solution for you.